Thursday, 25 February 2016



Today at school there were these old that we were going to be chucked out, so we were coming up millions of ideas to find out what to do with them. Then the teacher came up with an idea we all agreed on which was that we would send the books to Fiji so we went to save the books were. The books were in bins and some were in boxes we were allowed to pick out some. We put the rest in Brandy's car because she said that her car was big. Everyone was rushing for books. When we got back I ended up with 16 books I’ll list them,

  • my Maori colours
  • voyage of the kon-tiki   
  • birthday of kitten
  • building a house
  • skateboarding
  • my first party book
  • Kermit the hermit
  • guinea pigs don’t read books
  • snow white and the dwarfs
  • the banjo man
  • one moon night
  • feelings
  • the tyre dump
  • but what did we get for grandpa?
  • new Zealand
  • koala emu and the unexpected box
  • UFO diary
My favorite one was the my Maori colours because it's really well illustrated and coloured.

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  1. i liked it how you had a list of some of the books and maybe next time you can say things about the other things that happend